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Fanbank technology is the first commerce automation platform created specifically for the sales needs of Main Street Businesses. Built from forty years of payments infrastructure, twenty years of mobile and geo-fencing capabilities and ten years of social engagement platforms, Fanbank's small business sales technology helps attract local shoppers and facilitate a complete, modern sales cycle for local, independent businesses. 

The Fanbank Community is an expert network exclusively for the benefit of Main Street small businesses. As Main Street small businesses struggle to compete against Wall Street and the online aggregation power of Amazon, the Fanbank Community will provide advice and guidance to small businesses on how to utilize tools to compete and grow.


Fanbank removes the traditional barriers to online commerce for businesses that sell in-person goods and services. Our platform automates customer communications and competitive offers, enables stored values using existing payment cards and point of sale solutions, and simplifies settlement. No new hardware or time is required. For small business owners, running a business is more than just a job. It's a way of life. The staff at local restaurants, boutique stores, gyms, flower shops, independent service specialists, and others all dedicate 24 hours a day to one thing - serving you. These are your neighbors, the ones who have spent decades honing their craft to provide quality products and top-notch service above all else. They are the building blocks of your community. When you buy from local businesses, everything is better. For everyone. Our automated platform handles the entire journey, from on-boarding and setup, through campaign launch, fulfillment, performance reporting and optimization. Take advantage of the connections to well-known brands to drive more attention for your business.


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Take Control of Your Customer List: Great Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

Welcome to the Fanbank 15 minute breakthrough where you take a short break from your incredibly busy day and get a breakthrough idea for your local business. In this quick webinar, we teach you how to grow and strengthen your business and today we are covering taking back control of your customer list. 

Hopefully, everyone can see the screen now. So I'm on the agenda slide. So if you have any questions during the presentation go ahead and type them into the QA box on your Zoom conference screen. Will try to answer any questions at the end. 

So, first I want you all to know that everyone here at Fanbank 100% gets it. Your goal is customers through the door. Allot some seats, appointments on the books. We totally get it. Ideally you'd be able to run the business staying focused on making your product and making the customer happy. 

Taking the time to come up with things to do to grow your customer list probably makes sense, but it's not something you have time for. The goal of this webinar is to show you the direct connection between building your customer list and getting those purchases, getting those seats and appointments on the books and the customers through the door.

So, here's what we'll cover quickly: why customer lists matter, how to control your list and why that's so important, building and engaging your list and then free options and paid options. Throughout the webinar I'm going to include references to the Fanbank features you use to get these things done. If you're one of our visiting guests today, not a member, these strategies and tactics apply to you just as much as any other small business.

Just by way of introduction, I'm Mitch Jacobs, CEO and Founder of Fanbank. Here's what qualifies me to have this conversation with you today. I have spent 25 years as an ally to small business owners. I've been on the forefront of all the payment processing, lending and marketing technology that swirls around your business today. And because I've been on the inside of the decisions about pricing service levels and pretty much everything that goes into these products, I am in a position to share that information with you.

I've also been working directly with many of you on the phone and thousands of businesses around the country for over 20 years now. I know that because you run the whole show and make all the decisions, you don't...more