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What is the technology behind Fanbank and what is card-linking?

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Scott Geye
Scott Geye  replied:

Fanbank has taken technology typically reserved for big box stores and enterprise businesses and developed a platform with the same level of performance/sophistication, catering it specifically toward small business owners. Fanbank levels the playing field by giving them access to these tools in an easy-to-use, low-cost, holistic software solution.

The Fanbank platform is based on a few key technologies: 

- Hyper-Customized Offers
- One-click Promotion 
- Automated Fulfillment

With Fanbank, business owners are in complete control when incentivizing new or existing customers with a Fanbank offer. They’ll choose how much they’d like to spend, how a customer should be rewarded, and how we talk about their business to their customers. Once an Offer is up and running in our Campaign Center, getting the message out is as simple as clicking to share on social, send out an email blast, or print materials to promote to their customers in person. Once the word is out, customers will start connecting to the business and learning what they need to do to come in and redeem the offer.  

Fanbank uses state of the art card linking technology to make the entire process for the customer and business owner completely frictionless. First, customers link their credit card to the business online in order to make a connection. Second, when the customer visits the businesses in person and uses their card, Fanbank is able to automatically track that purchase and reward the customer as soon as they’re done swiping their card. The customer doesn't have to remember a piece of paper and the business owner doesn’t have to train their staff. Now that the business owner has an active customer in the system, they’ll automatically receive followup communications to get them to come back again and again.