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What are the top 3 benefits of Fanbank?

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Sam Abrahamson
Sam Abrahamson  replied:

Thanks for the question! There are a number of benefits for members of Fanbank. Here are three that make Fanbank standout:

1) Customer relationships - Fanbank gives its members a way to form and deepen customer relationships like never before by offering incentives that local customers want. When customers are considering a purchase from many businesses, what gives our members a leg up? That's a question we ask ourselves daily to help our members find success.

2) Professionally designed marketing materials - All members get customized marketing materials built by the Fanbank professional design team. So you don't need to worry about hiring a designer, writing copy, etc. It's all done for you and included in your membership.

3) Save tons of time, money, and effort - Tasks that have taken (or would take you) hours to complete, reduced down to minutes. An all-in-one software solution for only $99 monthly, that delivers thousands of dollars of value. This benefit aligns strongly with the mission of Fanbank, not just helping our members grow, but making their lives easier and alleviating pain points on a daily basis.

Of course, these are just a few of the benefits of being a Fanbank member. The value of the Fanbank membership is reinforced regularly and we're always releasing new features and updates to improve member experience.