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Is anyone using Fanbank?

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Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams  replied:

Fanbank has 2,000+ members in 700+ neighborhoods nationwide. Members range across business categories, from restaurants to local gyms, hair salons, spas, service businesses, and more. 

The benefits and tools that Fanbank members receive through their membership are built to help them attract customers in their local area so they can grow their business. These include professionally built marketing materials, a Campaign Library to promote offers for seasonal events year-round, offer promotion and fulfillment, and more. Fanbank members have tens of thousands of their own customers interacting with their business on the Fanbank platform in neighborhoods across the country. 

The Fanbank mission is to help small, local businesses compete and grow in their neighborhood. We do that through giving them the tools and resources mentioned above, and we also recently launched shoplocaleveryday.com. This is a destination where members and non-members can access free marketing materials and graphics to help them promote shopping local all year-round. 

Check out Fanbank reviews from our members here: https://reviews.fanbank.com/. 

Susan (Community Support)
Susan (Community Support)  replied:

That's quite a nice membership base -- and it seems to provide small businesses a sort of "synthetic size" by giving them access to tools that allow them to compete on an even playing field with the big box companies or chains.