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  • Sam Abrahamson
    Sam Abrahamson answered 9/24/2020

    Is Fanbank legit?

    Yes, Fanbank is a rapidly growing business with members across the country. We currently have thousands of businesses who are reaping the benefits of our membership so that they can grow in their local neighborhood and better compete with big chains and franchises. 

    Fanbank members also have te... more

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  • Fanbank answered 9/15/2020

    What is IRS Notice 2020-65 and how could it affect my business?

    Thanks for the question. This relates to the IRS guidance on payroll tax deferral and we aren't attorneys or CPAs -- but there any many good accounting firms and tax consultants that can help you on this issue. Here's a link to one firm, Aronson, and they provide a response on this specific issue: h... more

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  • Fanbank answered 4/13/2020

    What resources are available to help main street businesses struggling from lost sales due to coronavirus? (read more)

    There are so many resources available these days that it's hard to keep up.

    Two things to review if you only have a few minutes: 

    1. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Prepared a

    Small Business Guide and Checklist

    You can download that here:  

    https://www.uscha... more

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  • Sam Abrahamson
    Sam Abrahamson answered 12/29/2019

    Are there any rules of thumb or recommendations around how much budget a small company should allocate for marketing and sales activity.

    That's a great question! The answer to that really varies by business, which makes it very difficult to give a "rule of thumb" for budget allocation. There are also a variety of considerations when it comes to designing marketing materials, determining where and how to promote your business, how muc... more

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  • Sam Abrahamson
    Sam Abrahamson answered 12/29/2019

    What are the top 3 benefits of Fanbank?

    Thanks for the question! There are a number of benefits for members of Fanbank. Here are three that make Fanbank standout:

    1) Customer relationships - Fanbank gives its members a way to form and deepen customer relationships like never before by offering incentives that local customers want. When cu... more

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  • Fanbank answered 12/17/2019

    What’s the #1 challenge most small businesses will face in 2020?

    Thanks for the question! For anyone running or thinking of starting a small business, there are always challenges business owners will face - from getting access to capital, to finding new customers, hiring employees, and more. Plus, economic uncertainty, access to capital, and other external factor... more

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  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams answered 12/12/2019

    Is anyone using Fanbank?

    Fanbank has 2,000+ members in 700+ neighborhoods nationwide. Members range across business categories, from restaurants to local gyms, hair salons, spas, service businesses, and more. 

    The benefits and tools that Fanbank members receive through their membership are built to help them attract cu... more

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  • Sam Abrahamson
    Sam Abrahamson answered 10/31/2019

    Can you provide a review on working at Fanbank? I’ve seen advertisements for a lot of new open positions. What are you looking for in new employees and what are the benefits?

    Sure, happy to give you my perspective. First, you should know that Fanbank is very focused on helping main street businesses (and that includes mobile food trucks) thrive by offering them tools and services typically only available to large companies (with large budgets).

     This means that we’r... more

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  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams answered 10/17/2019

    What are benefits to shopping local?

    One meaning of “shopping local” is shopping at independently owned local businesses rather than chain stores or big box retailers. 

    Research shows that on average, the dollars from 48% of each purchase at a local independent business is re-circulated locally, compared to less than 14% percent a... more

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  • Sam Abrahamson
    Sam Abrahamson answered 10/13/2019

    I run a floral shop. Is Fanbank an option for me?

    Thanks for your inquiry. If you have an independent business with a physical store location (or a service truck) based in the US, then YES, Fanbank can help you.

    Our members include a wide range of small businesses -- from hair salons, apparel stores, restaurants to home & garden services, and y... more

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